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Professor Paul Keim breathes new life into dead languages

Goshen College Professor Paul Keim has a unique skill that he's passing down to his students. He can read ancient texts and understand languages that are long dead.

Shands Stoltzfus shares importance of being ‘unapologetically just’

永恒国际网站Regina Shands Stoltzfus, professor of peace, justice and conflict studies at Goshen College, spoke on the importance of being “unapologetically just” in the face of injustice as part of the college’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day festivities Monday morning at College Mennonite Church.

Music Together® is a popular program for families at Goshen College

All children are capable of being musical. That's why places like the Goshen College Music Center provide Music Together® classes.

LED bulb implementation involves more than energy efficiency for local colleges

Local colleges, including Goshen College, are putting strategy behind the implementation of LED lighting for more than just energy efficiency.