Master of Arts in Environmental Education


Goshen College offers an immersive 11-month residency graduate program that culminates in a Master of Arts degree in Environmental Education. Study and live at the college’s 1,189 acre nature preserve –  Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center  – with a one-month practicum in the Bahamas. Live, study, explore, and teach on site in the outdoor classroom of Merry Lea: which is among the best-assembled land preserves and one of the largest private preserves in Indiana.

永恒国际网站Join a small cohort of aspiring educators in a holistic, enriching experience through academic courses, ecological field work, and extensive PreK-12 teaching opportunities!

2-Minute Overview


Marcos Stolzfus

Director of Environmental Education Outreach

Joel Pontius

Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Education
Director of Sustainability Leadership Semester

Dave Ostergren

Director of Graduate Program in Environmental Education

永恒国际网站Jonathon Schramm

Associate Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Education
SST Tanzania: SP

Bill Minter

永恒国际网站Associate Professor of Environmental Science