Goshen College-EMU DNP Consortium


Enroll today in our online, post-master’s Goshen College-EMU DNP Consortium program and take the next step in your career through this practice-based doctorate. The program is 9 semesters with an accelerated 6-semester option available.

Our collaborative program brings together the highly respected aspects of programming at Goshen College and (Harrisonburg, Virginia).

What makes our program unique?

  • Online & Flexible:

    You will primarily work in your own timeframe (asynchronous course work) with some scheduled videoconference sessions to allow for direct interaction with classmates and faculty on both campuses, earning your degree from the institution you choose.

  • Values-based:

    Rooted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition of service, peacemaking and community, this program prepares you to be a good steward of healthcare resources and lead within a dynamic healthcare system. This program emphasizes: intercultural competency, servant leadership and innovative problem-solving.

Get started today!

Apply online now to join our community of online learners. Questions? Read our program FAQs.


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永恒国际网站Ruth Stoltzfus

Professor of Nursing
Director of Graduate Program in Nursing
Co-Director of DNP Program

永恒国际网站Contact me with questions!

Melody Cash

永恒国际网站Melody Cash

Professor of Nursing and Department Chair
DNP Co-Director (Eastern Mennonite University)

永恒国际网站Brenda Srof

Professor of Nursing and Department Chair

Ann Hershberger

永恒国际网站Ann Hershberger

Professor of Nursing (Eastern Mennonite University)

Laura Wheeler

Professor of Graduate Nursing

Laura Yoder

Laura Yoder

Associate Professor of Nursing (Eastern Mennonite University)

Don Tyson

Don Tyson

永恒国际网站Associate Professor of Nursing (Eastern Mennonite University)

Jeanette Shown

永恒国际网站Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology